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Meet our Doctors

Sam is a deeply knowledgeable GP who leads our ethical and clinical governance. When he’s not working for Medichecks he’s working in a busy Southwark GP Practice or tapping into his creative side as a street photographer in London. 

Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP - Medical director

Dr Sam Rodgers
Dr Emil Hodzovic

Dr Emil Hodzovic MBBCh, BSc Sports and Exercise Science, ISSN Applied Nutrition

Emil is a member of our reporting team. When he’s not working for Medichecks he’s working in a busy A&E hospital as well as practising as a sports and nutrition coach. As if that weren’t enough, Emil trains as a competitive bodybuilder. 

Dr Hamed Kamali

Dr Hamed Kamali MBBS

Hamed is a reporting doctor at Medichecks. He is a CrossFit, power-lifting, plant-based doctor with a passion to improve the nation’s health through education and empowerment. With an interest in nutrition, sports science and prevention, Hamed is committed to helping people realise their health goals.

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‘You can only maximise performance once you really know what is going on on the inside’

Abbie Macey

Former Professional Athlete, Personal Trainer and Medichecks Brand Ambassador

Abbie Macey

All our tests include a personal report from one of our 12 strong team of qualified doctors. Meet 3 of them below:


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You’re giving everything to be on top of your game - but how do you know you’re performing at your best? 

The Medichecks range of sports and performance blood tests gives you vital information about your inner health. Check hormones for muscle status and power, vitamins and minerals for fatigue and optimum nutrition, and cortisol for overtraining and recovery. 

Fine-tune your performance with a blood test from Medichecks. 

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Baseline Fit

For endurance athletes of every level who want to optimise their performance and recovery. With advanced hormones and sports nutrition.

48 tests

Clinic visit

Find out more

Training load

Injury & recovery

Optimise race performance

£149  £126.65

Advanced Fit

£99  £84.15

Take your fitness to the next level with a detailed look at the markers which can help you optimise your training and performance - includes sports hormones and nutrition.

29 tests

Clinic visit

Find out more

Optimise performance & recovery

Learn barriers to gains

Advanced hormones
& nutrition

Endurance Fit

16 tests 

Finger prick

£69  £58.65


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Thane Road
NG90 6BH

03450 600 600

Sports Hormone Check

Find out more

38 tests 

A comprehensive sports profile consisting of key hormones such as testosterone and oestradiol as well as tests for general health and fitness.

Clinic visit

Full blood count

Iron and protein

Liver function

£89  £75.65

Sports Hormone Check UltraVit

Our most comprehensive sports hormone blood test includes even more hormones as well as vitamin D, B12, folate, magnesium, DHEA-s and insulin.

50 tests 

Clinic visit

Find out more

Full hormone profile

Metabolic health

Vitamin D, B12 
and folate

£199  £169.15

Well Man UltraVit

£149  £126.65

Our advanced health check for men includes key markers for blood health, liver function, kidneys, cholesterol and iron as well as thyroid, testosterone,  and nutritional markers vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D.

47 tests 

Clinic visit

Find out more

Kidney function

Cholesterol check

Iron status

Well Woman UltraVit

Our advanced health check for women includes thyroid function, female hormones FSH, LH and oestradiol as well as ferritin, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D and magnesium.

49 tests 

Clinic visit

Find out more

Thyroid check

Hormone balance

Essential vitamins & minerals

£149  £126.65

your health 
and fitness

Fitness tests for active people

Thyroid Check UltraVit

Thyroid tests for thyroid function and nutrition

Comprehensive wellness checks

Tests for health, hormones and nutrition

Thyroid Check Plus

Our best-selling thyroid blood test which includes thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies for an in-depth picture of your thyroid function.

5 tests 

Finger prick

Find out more

Overactive thyroid

Underactive thyroid

TSH levels

£59  £50.15

Our advanced thyroid profile takes a detailed look at your thyroid function including antibodies as well as thyroid nutrition for optimum thyroid health.

10 tests 

Clinic visit

Find out more

Overactive thyroid

Underactive thyroid

Hormones and antibodies

£99  £84.15

A simple at-home finger-prick test to measure your fitness starting point and track improvements as you make gains.

Fit to train

Track progress

Sports hormones
& nutrition

Find out more


*Offer expires midnight 31st October 2018 and does not apply to tests already on offer